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How going on a one-year trip with your family makes you a better family

Well, we went on a journey. A year trip to the Far East, myself, Einav and our

How going on a one-year trip with your family makes you a better family

three daughters Talia (12), Noam (9) and Galia (3), and the commonest reaction to our decision was how brave we were! Yes, it takes courage to make a decision that will provoke major change. On the other hand, we ​​are constantly being forced to decision making but not always are we fully aware of the change may result from our decision. For instance, an innocent decision to get coffee in a restaurant which become providential meeting to a childhood friend who introduces me to my next partner in a new and successful business or to sit in another cafe and miss the life-changing opportunity of meeting him.

Just like in the film "Sliding Doors", our decisions always lead us to an unknown future for better or for worse, whether we are aware of the change it will bring to us or not.

we decided to take responsibility for our decisions to emerge from the chronicle of our lives and embarked on a journey.

Here in the middle of the journey, we took a break to examine the achievement and challenges associated with this decision:


An unknown fearful future is filled with doubts. We gave up our hard-earned business and work and embarked on a trip that its end cannot be convincingly prospect. Continuity of business and work are not guaranteed after the trip.

We could have a new Jeep for the money we spend on the trip.

Our privacy is interrupted all the time. we spend lots of our nights sharing the room with the kids. We have no alternative other than to face all our problems.

We are away of home, separated from friends and family and there is a constant longing for the known and the familiar.