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Is It a Coincidence That We Are Together?

In our generation when divorce became the first choice because of our inability to communicate with our spouse, I start to wonder.

When did we forget the love we've had to our spouse at the beginning of the relationship?

How they have turned from lovers to a total stranger that we can't tolerate not even as a roommate and why so many couples prefer to break up their relationship instead of fixing it?

To answer these questions, I needed to go back to the beginning of the relationship and unfold the mysterious of its creation.

Many new issues were raised in this prime stage.

Why he or she is the perfect match for me?

What should have happened that we would meet and fall in love?

What is the purpose of this connection?

Is our connection a random meeting of two strangers or someone appoints us to a divine purpose?

However, the question that takes me farther back was why men and women need to hook up together at all.

The obvious answer is to enhance the breed. However, this is only the biological point of view. The metaphysics or spiritual point of view is our need to reunited. Since we left heaven, separated from God and reincarnated into a human body, all we desired was to reunite and feel whole again. It starts with the first person we connect with for a meaningful relationship - our spouse. If I put aside the fact that we are so different, we still need to connect with our spouse's parents, brothers, and sisters, friends, co-workers, and pet. This is only the beginning, soon the kids will join the group bringing their friends their spouse, their spouse's friends and family and so on. I believe that God gets involved in helping us find the perfect match that would hold in his future all these perfect countless circles of family and friends that we need to connect with in the future.

However, in our generation we become arrogance. We are sure that we can do better than God, better than the whole existence that works so hard to find us a perfect match. We are confident that we can do better by ourselves, and instead of working hard on our given relationship, we simply divorce. We're sure life will be better with a different spouse or by ourselves. God connects you with a certain spouse for a reason. This spouse is your best chance to reach wholeness, to understand God, and to become one again. You need to know yourself to reach unity, and every obstacle in your marriage is a window to your soul.Every window you don’t open in this marriage you'll need to open in your second marriage. It only gets harder to do so.

Don’t be in a rush to give up on your relationship. Be sure that you do everything before you forfeit.

May love wins us all

Yoram Sisso


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