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How to maintain a long and prosper relationship

Does monogamy relationship is bankrupt? Is there are still a movie like love, when couples stay together for the rest of their life? or divorce is already an integral part of modern world society and getting there is inevitable.

Couple communication is perhaps the hardest communication to implement in the new and cynical world that we live in.

do you think that your communication with your spouse is good, how much of what you are trying to explain is really understood? Does your ex-spouse truly know what you need from him or maybe he doesn't even want to understand it?

How much of what we're saying to our spouse is truly implement and how can you create a communication between couple in such a way that they understand not only what we are saying but also what we desire, feel and dream about.

There is much more in a couple's communication than simply information transfer.

We need first to start asking questions:

What women want and how men think?

Did my spouse truly understand me, and would he ever will?

Why she translates what I say in a completely opposite way? and how he doesn't realize that he's hurting me when he behaving like this?

How can you keep your relationship flourishing for many years ?and how to increase intimacy with your partner?

How to increase the lusting and sexual desire between you two? and whether wrong communication can create a deep depression in one of the spouses.

Is possible to achieve a good communication between couples at all, and can you achieve it with your ex spouse after you get divorce.

All this and many more questions I asked when I come to study couple communication, and for some of them, I found answers that may help you better communicate inside your own relationship.

Did I answer all of the questions? of course not, the questions still coming up and I'm still looking for answers.

A good relationship is one where we don't stop asking Questions and searching for answers.

Perk up your communication skills with your spouse and it will affect your sibling relationships, your work relationships, your nun spouse relationships, and long-distance relationships, communication standing in the core of every relationship master it and you master relationship.

In my book I got to answer on a wide portion of this questions and many others that plaid in my mind, on top I added various stories that give rise to my insights.


In hope that your relationship flourish and your communication will be made up by


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The Author

I'm a seeker, a self-contemplative practitioner of relationships and, according to my wife, a professional husband. let me lead you on your first steps to prosperous relationship.

In my book you can reveal step by step how to create a healthy communication with your spouse, learn what women want vs men's desire, manage to communicate your desire to your spouse in a way they can truly understand

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