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What does it mean to be a professional husband? 

Why are the worst moments in your relationship also an opportunity for spectacular partnership? 

Who really controls the sex in a relationship? 

What does it all have to do with a fearless wolf, a mysterious wizard, and the journey of a young soul? 

These are some of the intriguing questions Yoram Sisso raises and writes about in his fascinating book, while looking closely at his own relationship and the relationships of those around him.  

The book is addressed to all men and women seeking meaningful connection and willing to look deep inside themselves, whether they are currently in a relationship, separated, or single but wishing to engage in a significant bonding. 


“Yoram Sisso explores the play of masculine and feminine in relationships with the heart of a romantic and the insight of a sage.”

Ed Levy, Editor  

Yoram Sisso

Moshav Geuley Teman


Customer Reviews

Amazon Customer: reviewed Insights into Relationships: Perk Up Communication Skills with Your Spouse

                             Easy read smart point of view. July 24, 2017

This is a great new look at relationships in today's environment and the expression of the roles of feminine and masculine in life and relationships.
Easy read smart point of view.

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